Monome Beginner Questions

Perfect! Thank you @alanza. I was looking for a M4L mlr style app too. This is excellent :smiley:

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Do I need max 8 to install the apps from @stretta? it looks that way. (sorry I’m such a noob).

If you have M4L you should have the M4L version of Max 8, no? To install, I think you actually just add the folder where the apps are to your Live Collection, and then drag one into your set.

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Yep! You’re right. Sorry, seemed too simple to be true honestly. Perfect :slight_smile:

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Anxiously awaiting my grid to arrive on Thursday. Found a grayscale grid for a good price. However, I didn’t think about the lack of variable button lighting potentially being an issue…

Anyone know if I’m going to run into any problems running current versions of applications on a grayscale grid?

you’ll probably run into some issues depending on the app you want to use. Many of the more recent apps (and specifically scripts on norns) make use of vari-bright.

but… bookmark this thread :grin:

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n00b here again. :confused:

I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get Ableton 10 to see my Grid.
I installed serialOSC and I also found an install of LiveOSC and dropped it into the MIDI remote scripts folder and it does not show up in the MIDI setup of ableton. Am I missing something here?

Help please :slight_smile:

Edit: Is there something more updated than this??

I also read this:

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you should not need LiveOSC, I’ve never heard of it before; probably it would be better to remove it. you have serialoscd installed and running? have you restarted your computer since installing serialoscd?

I found that in the pages beginner setup, only reason why I tried it is because I installed serialoscd and restarted without it showing up as a device in Ableton, what ports is it supposed to show up on usually??

I see it showing up in my activity monitor too

That looks good. Dumb question—are you trying to use the Grid as a MIDI controller through Live’s MIDI setup? Because that doesn’t happen out of the box. You need to use an M4L device that is grid-enabled. That device will handle messages to and from the grid.

Not dumb!

I have been opening up M4L devices and there is no grid being detected from what I gather. Gotta run out of the house for a bit so I’ll have to try later. Will report back in a few hours.

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Okay, I tried again and still, nothing.

Opened up Max 8 and there is no grid available as well. Just made sureI had java up to date too…

Any other things to try?

Edit: found this thread about high sierra and at the end it touches Mojave (which I’m on currently)

Looks like I’m having the same problem as another user.

Grid is lighting up when I plug in the USB cable into a USB C hub (Maybe thats the issue?)

Gosh this is slightly frustrating :frowning:

Apologies if this is stuff you’ve already tried, but a couple of simple tests:

Since you have serialosc installed, try installing the Monome Package in Max 8, and then click “Show in filebrowser” to pull up all the monome patches. Specifically, once your grid is connected, try opening grid-test.maxpat to see if it’s detected.

The Monome Home patch is also good for this:

Is the grid detected in those contexts?

As you were typing I downloaded and tried both of these things while browsing the thread I linked…
Here’s my results :frowning:

Bummer! Not sure what next step to take, but I’m sure someone will chime in with an idea. Maybe some of those terminal commands that tehn shared in the High Sierra thread you linked to could be helpful/revealing?

Yeah! I hope so. I’ll be honest, I’ve tried everything in that thread that @tehn suggested to the user I linked and they were getting the same results as myself and it seems as if it randomly started working eventually? This is quite strange. I appreciate you and @alanza 's assistance so far. I’m at a bit confused on what to try next. Cheers!

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I had a similar problem when I first tried using my grid. I had missed one step in the install. I think it was the FTDI VCP driver. Also make sure the serialosc service is running, I think it might not have started automatically for me. Looks like you already checked this.

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Is this the driver you’re talking about? Or is there something else I need to download?

I use Windows so I don’t know how it shows up on Mac, but searching other threads this looks like it may be correct.

Interestingly, the setup instructions at no longer mentions installing the FTDI driver. It might be pre-installed by latest Mac OS but definitely not for Windows. Wonder if that’s intentional?

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I think that on Mac, the current wisdom is that installing an FTDI driver is not recommended, and that if you install one, you should remove it; the system one suffices.

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