Monome Beginner Questions

did you reboot after removing the FTDI?

seems like the AppleUSBFTDI is present if it didn’t throw an error. still nothing with ls -lrt /dev/tty.usb*?

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Yup, I’ve restarted a few times actually.
Getting the same issue with that command as well. Wild right?

well, that command should be blank if there are no results.

what does your screen in System Information look like?

here’s mine:

totally frustrating suggestion: do you have another computer you can test with, just to sanity-check?

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I wonder if this is the same issue @fourhexagons was having ? could be another source of input ?

personally been using an older grid with the latest macOS versions for like a year and a half now with no issues, which is why this is such a crazy & frustrating thing

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Nothing :confused:
Do you think it potentially its the USB C hub i’m using? (i’ve had 0 issues with this in the past with any data transfer/midi usb devices)

For ultimate reference this is the machine I’m using:

if you’re an ableton or max person there’s a project brewing over here

in the relatively near-ish future this will probably result in an ableton pack of ports of some popular grid-enabled apps from norns

re: laptop vs. norns I’d recommend sticking with whatever option you’re most comfortable with

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Also: for fun, I found another USB cable to try. Same issues.

My Walnut 64 grid does not work if I plug it through a hub. Got a USB-C to USB-B cable just for the purpose to plug my grid to my macbook.

Was yours not lighting up when it was plugged into the hub? Or was it not being recognized like mine?

I don’t know if I mentioned but I’m using a 128 Varibright in this situation.

I believe so. Can’t remember. But getting a direct cable worked.

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can confirm that USB-regular hubs work on my regular USB Mac

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I just ordered on on Amazon. It’ll be here tomorrow. I appreciate everyone’s help. It’s frustrating but happy to see this community trying assist me :pray:

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USB hubs are fine generally. they vary wildly in quality, of course.

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Makes sense. Any ideas other than trying to avoid the hub??

if at all possible i’d suggest finding another computer to test on, just to double-check the grid (though we test them all here repeatedly).

I may be able to use someone’s computer but without Ableton/max. If I just install serialosc and try those terminal commands would that be enough?

So I have no idea where I found these commands, but I thought I’d search through my command history to see if I could help out here. I’m seeing these:

/Library/Application\ Support/Monome/serialosc.bundle/Contents/MacOS/serialoscd --version

– which is clearly a version check

/Library/Application\ Support/Monome/serialosc.bundle/Contents/MacOS/serialoscd

– which seems to run the daemon


launchctl list | grep serial

– which is just validating that it’s added as a start up item, I believe. (Did I get this for free with the daemon command? I don’t know, but I suspect yes because I don’t see anything else indicating adding it.)

Thought I’d throw this in since I didn’t see something precisely like this mentioned yet.

Edit: I should add that I have a grid and it works fine for me. I’m on Mojave as well.


Woah @robbbiecloset!! Look :open_mouth:

I think we got it :smiley:

Thank you so so much


So - starting to get my feet wet with my grid.

I’ve been searching the threads and haven’t found a great answer on best way to sync applications with ableton live tempo.

For example, using the application Flin or Mlrv, is there any way i can sync with ableton (Without using a max for live application?).

Maybe using rewire? I’m just diving into MLRv2 so someone more experienced may have a better answer.

Here’s a tutorial on MLRv2