Monome community in Lyon (France)


I am going to move to Lyon at the end of August/beginning of September (moving the whole family) and I am interested to meet the electronic music community, especially any monome user.

My wife is French but I am still at a basic French level, so you will have to be patient with me but I would really appreciate if I can start being involved with local community.

Hope to find someone on lines for a start!!!


Damn you’re ambitious, aiming for an ACTUAL MONOME COMMUNITY, in only ONE city in France, if I were to do that here in Montpellier (that’s 2 hours away) I’d be afraid to end up with a whole community of just myself. You might have better luck though it’s a bigger city :slight_smile:


Thanks for the support :stuck_out_tongue:
Well I am trying my luck.
I know Montpellier, nice place and not too far away.

To be honest, my impressions of Lyon is that there is quite a lot of music and arts there so we all might be surprised!!!

I will also try on Mutable Instrument forum, maybe I will be luckier

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The Eurorack hype might be helpful for finding MI users a little everywhere (even here I’ve seen several modules in some performances from local modular users). Monome is more of a niche inside a niche so it’s down to a little luck. But yes, Lyon is very active on the electronic front so you might have some luck!

Hi there,

Was quite surprising to see Lyon pop here ! I’ve been living part-time in Lyon for a few years now and pretty much all of my electronic musical experience comes from encounters in this city. There’s a vibrant alternative and experimental scene here. I’m not aware of any monome users, but I do know a few mutable aficionados here. If you wan to meet I’d be happy to show you around, I love doing this and if you know where to start, it’s really easy to get to know this scene.

Have a nice day,

P.S.:I’d also love to put my hands on some monome stuff and I never had the chance !

Thanks for the initial heads-up.
I am more than happy to meet when we will settle there.
We should also be in Lyon in July to look for a flat so I might also have time for a beer or two.

Knowing people are making forks for puredata in Montpellier is uplifting (although it IS a programmer’s city after all)

Ok, keep me posted !

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