Monome Compilation Release Party 17.12. Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Hi Everyone.
Sorry for being super slow with transfering to the new (and awesome) forum.

Well it took me a while to finish with the Monome Compilation I was producing since beginning of the year.
I realy realy wanted to finish it at least before this year. So here it comes.

On 17.12. we will be hosting a Audio Visual Concert that is coupled to the Release in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.
Its an Audio Visual Concert in sitting and laying with the Monome played by
Leaving the Planet together with Desaxismundi.

I think it will be awesome I am looking forward if someone wants to check by for the time.

I am spoilering here the artists that will be in the compilation:

Raja The Resident Alien
Benjamin Van Esser
Echo Canyon
A Merry Prankster
Leaving the Planet

Thanks and best greetings!!!


Wooohooo! So psyched to be on this :smiley: Let us know where we can link others to the album when it’s available. And have a great show!