Monome docs rework

it’s new:

  • search
  • sidebar nav
  • restructured

that last point is going to raise some issues with existing links from external sources (such as here) but the other two points should alleviate the panic.

i moved things around largely based on the fact that the original structure was based on the singular existence of grids— i moved relevant things into a grid subtree, and promoted all devices to a root level page. so, now teletype lives at docs/teletype instead of docs/modular/teletype. please alert us to scattered links that need to be corrected.

comments, corrections, and PRs welcome.

@dan_derks and i are going to now address a content overhaul of the norns section (!)


update: @simonvanderveldt pointed out that redirects can be added, so this should be less painful. can work on this later this afternoon (though happy if someone can jump in)

EDIT: it works (for teletype at least). will try to crawl through the other relocates. please post if you land on a missed link.


it looks so good!

there is a link to a tutorial I made for Kria meta-sequencing in the docs that I thought we had updated a couple months or so back, but it appears to be back to the old defunct link. It should link here. :blush:


also thanks @Oootini for introducing us to just the docs (and thanks to pmarsceill for creating it!)

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@simonvanderveldt thanks for the tip! redirects work.

just need to add in the top section (of teletype/ for example):

redirect_from: /modular/teletype

note that /docs is left off.

need to go through more of the files later.

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the new docs look excellent!


very nice!

will these be moving?

those are the API docs and really need a proper relocation elsewhere… haven’t decided yet. @ppqq

[this is good in 20 characters]

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right. and with re-directs we may have more flexibility.

@speakerdamage: thoughts on where you’d expect them to be?

I guess now I would expect them to live under the new docs - especially to take advantage of search.

looks like @tehn and @dan_derks are going to be updating norns docs now, but figured I’d point out anyway that studies 2-5 need to be redirected:


thank you caulen!

for historians + those watching at home, these files had permalinks which referenced /docs/norns/, which ended up resolving into docs/docs/norns/ removing the preceding /docs from the permalink cleared up the issue!


Yay! Docs look great.

This is such an amazing developpement for resources about monome. It was so tricky sometimes to find the right infos, or get a sense of the entire available documentation to easily dive in out of curiosity, both those things are answered here. I wish I could help more but can only say thanks. But just, to me, this is as fundamental, exciting and crucial to the monome ecosystem than a new release / new hardware.


on github: teletype/docs/ — all the links there are wrong :slight_smile: (this seemed like the relevant place to mention it)

This isn’t a missed link but something that was hidden:

I’m new to norns and was looking for instructions on how to export audio to my laptop from the tape. This is briefly covered in the SFTP guide, but the guide was only mentioned once in the maiden page of the docs and for a different reason than exporting audio, only found my way there through asking. Would definitely be helpful to have this more easily explained/available in the docs as I can image other new users could also struggle to find this info.

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perfect candidate for discussion, thank you!

would this feel at home with its own entry in perhaps a section that’s just “getting audio files to/from norns” would work, which would then describe the particular use with references to both webDAV and SFTP as tools toward that goal?

perhaps even a mention in the audio section of the primary documentation would help…

edit follow-up q:
what were your initial assumptions about audio export as a function? that it should live in maiden because there’s an audio section? i’m trying to determine how linear the jump is from “i need to get audio to/from norns from a computer” to “i need to use some sort of file client”, to help structure the docs journey :slight_smile:

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I definitely though to check maiden first, but wasn’t surprised to be unable to transfer files there since doing so via wifi seemed like a lot to ask. So I did a quick search of the docs looking for instructions to transfer tape files. I then started searching here found history of the now-removed sync function. So then, I searched the docs for both “tape” and “sync” but wasn’t lead to the SFTP guide. I would imagine a brief description for the transfer process and a link for the SFTP guide in the tape section would be sufficient.

Admittedly I did overlook the backup entry in the help section; however, this is framed as a fallback plan when wifi won’t connect and doesn’t mention that it’s the primary way of transferring audio files. I don’t think think there needs to be any major changes, just small context clues in existing places like this would be helpful.

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100%, great idea + thank you!

quick q: are you using SFTP because you’re on windows? or just preference over webDAV?


I am on windows, yes.