Monome docs rework

Hey… so I’m searching the docs trying to help someone with an issue and I noticed the menu is a bit crypitc to me (or maybe to a noob).

instead of maiden as a section header, perhaps connect or connecting would be better - and then list maiden, sftp, webdav, ssh, serial as sub items


agreed! the current structure is more linear / less “look here to do this one type of thing”. I like the idea of it mirroring a reference and leaving the linear story to inside of the references. also got yr email – excellent suggestions, thank you! I’ll fold these in this weekend :slight_smile:


Actually having trouble with a user who is out of disk space - I may have him email/message you directly.

how would we feel about about a section on docs for community contributed studies (as a guide for a particular task or custom lib) ?

or is this better off as a topic ?

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i am totally in support of contributed studies!

if it’s monome-specific, we can definitely find a place to reference it within the context of the docs. but it’s easiest to figure out where it would go once it exists :slight_smile:

so perhaps the goal is not to separate off “contributed studies” but to simply build upon existing studies (ie, new chapters, or improve those that are there)

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cool !

well in this case it’s this softcut helper library type thing I just finished which needs documentation and an explained demo script to be actually helpful to anyone that would need it

I was kind of thinking of something along the lines of a norns > scripting > community page to keep the basics front and center and then community can be kind of a free-for-all of more advanced specific stuff like this. but idk !

oh maybe further can just turn into a page with links to both internal and external fun helpful things including this

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I’m super stoked on supercut!

that’s sort of where is heading – as a jumping off point for folks to learn what the ecosystem is capable of, ideally with enough support from the developer at the hyperlinked landing point. I could see linking your guide to supercut directly in the section, especially if there’s a companion script that showcases the utilization (that said, I’ll add wrms today! :slight_smile: )

longterm, if there’s a wealth of similar resources, we’ll adapt and adjust the tree to support it. either way, it’d be best to host that info through your own channel and we can continue to iterate – or feel free to submit a PR to include your work!

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