Monome faders in pd

Not sure how to make faders for the monome. I’ve tried allocate part of the grid so leds will light up as the value changes and then another set of values to rid of the leds?

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I can light the leds up but its hard to say turn off when the fader decreases

Has anyone made a successful fader on the monome. im struggling with mine. Any help would be much appreciated.

Have you seen this?

EDIT: I should clarify that I’m not sure exactly what you are trying to accomplish and I’m not too familiar with Control though I have used it in the past. Just a starting point/suggestion.

This evening I can post an example from a patch I wrote. You’re just trying to take a vfader and sync it’s current value with the monome, right?

correct, yes. That would be great!

here’s a sample patch,

what’s going on inside of it is that the state update for the faders is decoupled from updating the LED display.

sidenote, i noticed you posted a couple threads with some PD questions. you might get better results asking the questions in the PD thread :slight_smile: (2.5 KB)

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Im on that PD thread too! :)…It works really well thank you very much. I encounter a problem im not sure of a way round yet. if we’re looking at a 16 x 16 grid. I need the fader to start at 0 15 going upwards towards 0 8. I can so far only work out for it to apear first at 0 8 then its goes down to 0 15. Is there a way to reverse that?

I’ have a fader that I need on the 0th column, I can light up the LEDs but when I want to go down in vol the LED’s won’t turn off. Can someone point out show me how I can be adapted for that to work?

Many many thanks

Are you talking about using a Grid ?
Max/MSP ? Norns ?

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Sorry I forgot to share the patch FaderXuuki.pd (8.7 KB)

Its Pure Data along side the 16 * 16 monome grid.


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I’ll try to have a look tomorrow. Bonne nuit

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Any help I much appreciate thanks! :slight_smile:

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Sorry to disappoint, but I am in a rush and my PD installation is not ready on my machine, so I won’t have the time these days.

Oh? I guess thats the end of the that? :smiley:

Well for anyone else this almost works:

lighting up 0 15 to 0 9, however 0 8 remains on for some reason?

I’ve designed a patch on OSX, it successfully runs on raspbian pi. Accept the lights of a fader on designed for the monome grid interface won’t light up? Why would this happen when Other lights do light up when expected? Heres the patch if it’s required:

perhaps theres something wrong with /monome/grid/led/col ? … what is also confusing is that the same col will still turn the volume up and down so the pd patch knows the monome is there but no feedback from the leds!?

the patch looks like so. Why on earth would /monome/grid/led/col 0 8 $1 not manage to light the leds like this?

Might it be because theres, not enough power from the RPI unless you use a hub?

What if you add 1 to the first numbox ? (Sorry, the rush goes on…)

if i add one the led on the monome doesn’t recognise this?

In fact I’m not 100% sure what you’re trying to do !