Monome for beginners

So sorry for the lame question, but I’m a super beginner and probably shouldn’t had even purchased the monome as it seems to be well above my knowledge. When I plug it in, Ableton doesn’t recognize it as a midi device in preferences. I did the “terms” installation that was provided as a download at the monome website. Please excuse my ignorance, but I thought I could plug it in and Ableton would recognize it as a midi device, but it doesn’t. I was hoping I could at least use it like a Launchpad, and midi program the buttons to launch clips.

Macbook Pro 10.10.5
Ableton Live 9.7.5
Monome 64 walnut

I purchased the Monome used, so I wonder if I purchased a dud, or am I just an idiot that doesn’t know how to use it.

Many thanks!!!

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the grid is not a midi controller. It speaks a serial protocol carrying OSC over USB (which can eventually be converted to midi on the computer); you need to install on your computer a small program (serialosc) which will take care of the communication between the grid and any OSC speaking software of your choice (Max, Max4Live, pd, usine, there are lots of them out there).
From there, you can use existing applications or program your own.

I am not a Live user so i wouldn’t be helpful beyond that, but others here probably will :slight_smile:


Start here:

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Are you on Mac or PC? Whichever you are running check out the setup page on

I set up mine the other day and got a bit mixed up with the ftdi driver installation. But the PC under had a nice self extracting file and made it a breeze.

Do you have Max/Max for Live?

Yep! I’ve got the full Max/Max for Live.

Thank you so much for your response. This explains my complete ignorance in the subject. I thought it was going to be a simple “plug & play” but this is obviously more complex that I expected. I appreciate you explaining. Thank you!

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Hi Jason. Many thanks for the tip!

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Hi Steve. I’m on a Mac. Thanks for the links. I’ll see if I can get this thing up and running.

Keep us posted. It’s not quite plug and play but there is a great and willing community of people here who will want to help.


Hey @lift how is it going? Have you made sense of it all yet?


Hi declutter! Thank you so much for checking back on me! Much appreciated! Yes, I did get my Monome up and running! I’d be the first to admit that I got myself a little over my head when I first picked up the Monome. I thought ignorantly it was a simple plug and play. As a novice I had to learn the hard way it was a little more complicated and required Max and serialosc. With the help of the great support team at Monome and this wonderful community I was able to get up and running. Thank you so much! Now I just need to find the time to dive in.


That’s great. Look forward to hearing what you come up with!