Monome Grid 128 Kit details

Hello everyone,

I have a Monome grid 128 kit. The PCB has a marking on it that says field140406. The kit was a donation to a hackerspace and it did not include a cut tape of diodes. Two questions

  1. What part number are the diodes?
  2. I need to buy LEDs. What is the difference between “the yellow/orange leds from the 2013/14 edition grids & euro modules: APL3015SYCK-F01” and “white: greyscale monome leds. super bright (see note below): CLM3C-WKW-CWBYA453”? The quotes came from the docs page.

Ideally I would like the varibright feature. I assume this board can do that but I won’t be able to confirm until I buy the components and do the assembly.

Thanks for any help!


CLM3C LEDs are white.

vari-bright is in the LED drivers, so yes, it’s vari-bright




I posted here because after reading the link on I couldn’t find the part number for the diodes. Perhaps adding the diode part number to that doc would be helpful. I’m new to SMD parts ordering and there were hundreds of results when I searched for “diodes” on Mouser.

I was confused about the LED difference because the Digikey data table says “Lens Color: Yellow” but “Color: White”. I thought the visible color would be yellow.

Are kits still a thing? I’d love to build my own to save some cash.


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I finished the 128 grid kit! All works first try! The SMD parts weren’t too bad and the LED brightness is not too bright. Next up…custom wood case!