monome grid custom devlopment with teensy over serialosc

HI, I have qustion about custom setup with serial osc.
for now I don’t have monome grid, but I would like to understand a bit about serialosc to communicate pc and hardware instruments.

for now I have some ideas and already build some midi feature (maxMSP : x0x style sequencer and some directional and random feature, Supercollider : matrix non linear behavior)
the reason why I am curious about it, my current intention is controlling grid system.

but for the future, I think I will add more feature, so I am trying to bit more understand about serial communications.

I found, some max patch using serialosc,

but I couldn’t find some simple example to sync with this to teensy or arduino,

for the start, I just trying to understand a bit with simple method,
for example I connect to pin and tact switch in arduino it can communicate with maxpatch.

does anyone who have some simple exmaples about it?

there are some exmples on github, but It use a neotrellis, I didn’t look much for it,

but If you have some experience and simple example for implementing it, It could be helpful

to understand serialosc and future devleopment!

have a nice weekend!