Monome-grid javascript library for deno?

I’ve been considering migrating my javascript grid project from node to deno. this would, of course, require a deno analogue of the monome-grid node.js library.

I was wondering if there might be enthusiasm from the lines community to help build this? I would be keen to contribute, but I would need a more experienced programmer to lead, or at least mentor.


the monome-grid library itself is pretty simple; your problem with moving to deno, I believe, is that you’ll also need to port everything related to OSC, starting with, but then also its OSC dependencies. And that means you’re into asking for network access, from what little I understand of deno.

I must admit, I’m not a huge OSC user, so my enthusiasm for writing an OSC library for Deno is somewhat low. On the flipside: there are more OSC users than there are grid users, and if you’ve got some OSC libraries, adding a grid-specific wrapper to them will be relatively straightforward.

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