Monome Grid / M4L / modular and eurorack

Hi! I’m really sorry if this is covered or very obvious to some, but I couldn’t find a straight answer on the fly and I’m kind of in a hurry.

Is there M4L patches made for use with the Grid that sends CV with a DC coupled interface? So that I can use the Grid as a sequencer for my eurorack without having one of the monome modules?

I just got an offer to buy a used monome 128 Grid Varibright for a decent price, and been looking at these for quite some time. They’re hard to come by here in Norway, same going for the modules - no official distributor/retailer. I want to use this as a controller/sequencer for my eurorack, but I don’t see myself getting one of their modules right away due to the lack of acsessability. I do have a Expert Sleepers ES-8 module with 8 DC coupled outputs. Also notice that I use Ableton Live as my DAW where I mix all the seperate voices, add effects and so on. So I’m wondering if the software for the respective modules (white whale, meadowphysics, ansible, teletype etc) exist as max/max for live patches that can be routed out to my modular? If so, how hard is this to set up? Paired up with the modules it seems like a pretty plug and play thing. I have little to none experience with programming. I do want to learn some at a point, but for now I just want both fun and challanging ways to make music and the monome is just so appealing to me.

I’ll appreciate all help and answers! Please just redirect me if this is well covered somewhere.

Have a nice day!
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I’m sure there are a couple other M4L devices out there closer to what you are looking for…but I’ve got one specifically for transforming MIDI notes into CV. Its free and you can download it from my website. There some other stuff there too. If these devices are exactly what you are looking for perhaps you can start hacking them apart and making whatever it is that you want from them.

There are currently two version available. The early version will work in Live 9 and the newest one will only work in Live 10.


Hi! Thanks! I’ll check it out later when I get home. This sounds maybe more like a patch suitable for my current setup with Push and the ES-8, so could absolutely be fun. I do run a similar patch paired up with external fx device to calibrate synth voices in my eurorack.

It would be relatively easy to get something up and running in max for live with the es-8. I have one and made a simple midi-cv converter and it was easy.

Getting the grid involved would still be slightly more complex but not too bad. What would you have in mind? Just 16 steps running all the time?

I actually have an in-depth grid cv-sequencer I’m developing in SuperCollider, where you can change the duration and octave settings per step, as well as change the loop boundaries. Maybe that would be worth putting up.

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Oh and I forgot I did make this:

Which is meadowphysics ported to max for live, but it was not meant to be used with cv. Let me ponder that one and get back to you. It should be easy to just put a midi-cv converter after it and run with it.


You can send CV to the ES-8 with VCV Rack, and this plugin will let you run white whale and (soon) meadowphysics with your grid. I haven’t tried this yet myself, my es-8 is temporarily out of my rack, but I’ll see if I can do a test tomorrow.

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Yeah, cool! I actually made a post in your thread there simultaneously as I made this one, so I think that one was deleted because of that. I was then wondering if that M4L device would fire off CV that I could run out of my ES-8! I have been using this ( with my Push II controller and had great fun with that. Now that I’m about to get a Monome Grid 128 I was interested in some software that replicates the different modes used with the Monome modules. I think I may be able to get a hold of one of the modules in the near future, but I’m really interested in M4L stuff anyways, especially since I will likely get Grid before the modules.


I’m on the fence about which platform I should check out (Blocks, VCV etc), so this really makes me lean towards VCV Racks. Please let me know if you do run a test of it : - )

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what you end up going with? how did it work out? i think i’m going vcv / es-8. also, vcv is free!!

Oh, I didn’t really end up spending much time with either as my modular grew rather quickly and I got hold of a Ansible. But I love the having the ability to generate CV from M4L stuff and routing it through ES-8 to other modules. Silent Way has a lot of nice building blocks. And I’m sure VCV rack has a whole lot to offer.

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