Monome Grid Screws

I’m looking for stainless steel screws for the bottom plate of the monome grid, has anyone ever found them off-the-shelf that worked without pertruding? I’ve been going through all the local hardware stores, and I can’t find any that are the right size(I found some but they lift them grid off the ground) and I don’t have the tools to machine them. I’d gladly pay someone to send me two of those :heart_decoration:

Just as an extra note for anyone who would randomly stumble on this thread, the monome grid would does not rust under normal conditions, I use mine in a very hostile environment.

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it looks like a basic countersunk machine screw with a hex head. Or did you buy one and it still protruded from the chassis?

edit: maybe this kind?
or this

I found one that wasn’t a hex head but a slotted type, but it’s slightly too short. It’s the only one that I found in the local stores that fit. I hadn’t heard of nbk! I’ll try to find the right one.

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Where in the world are you currently? McMaster Carr is a good source for machine screws in weird sizes, depending on where you are, if you order today, you’ll likely see them this week.

In Victoria, BC.
But they do deliver here, you wouldn’t happen to know which screw model I’m looking for exactly would you? I have a hard time telling which thread size it is.

hey devine— happy to send you some so you don’t need to order 100, email me your current address!

we used these for the previous edition grid: 4-40 7/16" Flat Head

which are black-oxide coated— i’ve found that these do rust is exposed to very high humidity for an extended period of time (ie, consistently).

alternatively, a stainless steel screw shouldn’t rust if you want to get the same spec otherwise (4-40, 7/16" flat head)


Thank you! I’ll send you our address :slight_smile: You’re wonderful.

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