Monome has birthday

monome remembers building stuff in leaky barn under blue tarp. remembers hawk eating pigeon on pile of paperwork. remembers when we used to use a branding iron on walnut enclosures. remembers doing it wrong and crooked and ruining walnut enclosures. remembers meeting many of you forum friends face to face all over the world. remembers all of the fun live performances we’ve witnessed and have been a part of. remembers every agonizing design reiteration in every agonizing detail. remembers letter-pressing, silk-screening and photo-shopping. remembers our manufacturers who send us candy, post-it notes and popcorn when they ship our stuff. remembers stuff. remembers soldering countless leds, diodes. remembers the purchase of the hot-air-rework station. remembers aleph, arc, grid, module and looks forward to the next and then the next after that.

our birthday party 10% off online store discount code is nineyears because NINE YEARS.


happy birthday, monome.

happy birthday!

nine is such a good age: curious, honest, happy, loving…
(at least that’s how I think of my daughters at 9 :smile:

That is a glorious image. Makes me long for that feeling of being so exhausted that any flat surface will do for a bed.

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cake has been had!!!

Happy bday guys,
You have made an awesome way and
i’m shure you’ll surprise us in new ways in the future

happy birthday!

now get off the floor and back to work making us more awesome :wink:

Love the photo, and particularly how cat & dog have the sofas, Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, dear Monome!

happy birthday friends, you have been a significant input to the equation of my personal evolution.

big ups monome folks!
congats, salutations and bday wishes yo.

well done you lot! puberty will be greasy, mark my words.

Happy birthday monome… Today my wife gave birth to my 3rd child and future monome enthusiast

The discount code didn’t work is the opportunity over?
Happy belated Monome!

reactivated. good til saturday.

thanks for the kind words y’all

Thanks put my order in earlier… I’m a newb but love my walnut 64 I have a lot of plans for these 70s boxes as my wife calls it

:tada::tada::tada: Woo! :tada::tada::tada:

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday! What a cool thing!

g’times, i’ve been through a 40h, 256, and a couple of 128s. good kit.