Monome hybrid setup

Hey Guys, I would love to build my home studio around Monome controllers,
I currently own a greyscale 64, I would love to purchase a 128 or 256 to go along with it…Any incredible offers please let me know :wink:
My idea would be to use the larger Monome to act as a midi sequencer to control all my external gear, synth, drum synth, anything else I get my hands on, etc with Mark Eats or something similar, any thoughts on alternatives would be great! Setting scales, note lengths etc would be important
Then use the second smaller monome as an in the box sampler, id love to have a super simple monome app to record from my turntable into the computer for sampling, cutting up the beats etc and playing back to my daw or a software input on my audio interface. Not entirely sure what monome app would suit this but id be really grateful for some advice.
Pushing Midi clock to all my gear is important, and also using logic as the master, using logic simply for recording purposes, and final mix downs,
A midi clock setup with super low latency setup for tracking would be amazing,
What are peoples thoughts? I do not want to use ableton, I hate it, I’m very much a fanatic of some simple programs that I can sync with midi clock from logic. I’m also big fan of grids with a laptop. as it allows for endless programming and a library of apps, keeping the setup flexible, so not to interested in going down the modular route ie the monome usb modules, I have a simple eurorack setup, that i want to control via a yarns midi interface, I think the modules monome make look amazing but personaly I want to keep my grid’s hooked up to the computer.

Be great to get some thoughts advice! :smiley: specially on an ap for sampling like I mentioned above


Have a look into The Party Van and mlr for sampling.
The link below has more details.


Is there a version of mlr that runs on a recent version of Max and doesn’t require Live?

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Honestly, I don’t know.
I haven’t used mlr for years. Last time I did, it was with Max 5.