Monome inventory january 2017

hello everyone!

grids. we ran out and then i found enough parts to build two more. so there are two left here, and retailers are nearly out as well. i ran into some manufacturing holdups (to put it lightly) so a new edition is likely around two months off.

ansible. we also have two left, and i’m unsure about retailer stock. likely 6 weeks for a new batch.

white whale. what? yeah i found one on the shelf, it’s on the store now.

walk. is now $80. dance dance dance.

teletype. stocked.

arc. available now, and we’ll only be selling direct for the rest of this edition.

would love to talk about the new/future things but 2016 was really conquered by the truly amazing journey of the arc. we have emerged. now we will do future things.


tehn you are awesome. so glad 2017 is the year for me of monome + studio reintegration. albeit on an old grid, but it is perfect for me. always grateful for what you do. and so genuinely excited about your ideas for future monome stuff.

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-isms 2.0!

You knew someone’d ask!


Adding monome to my rig has transformed my process in so many ways. I feel I’m more creative and am enjoying the music I’m making. Thanks! Peace



I don’t see a page to purchase any arcs on I must be missing something.


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It would definitely make sense to have a more direct link to Arc on the website instead of just in the store.

I just received my Arc and it’s amazing. Super happy to be able to dive into it.

Very interested in isms 2.0 and the next big thing from Monome.