Monome Key Press recorder Max Patch?

Anyone have a simple Max patch for recording and playing back monome key presses? I have one going using COLL object, but I’m seeing limitations. Like if I press two keys at once I can’t record that information, since there is only 1 list per index.

Have a look at mesh:

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I’m feeling a bit slow here, but how do I even download the Mesh Max patch from Github? I see several max patches called Mesh and none of them open as I would expect.

mesh was great when i could get it to work. with either 2x 64 or two halfs of a 128. i am really unable to forget knob movement memory and button press memory and i frankly don’t understand why it isn’t included on most all modern devices as a freakseq. just memory! but mesh was very difficult to set up for what reason i do not know. granted, i’m pretty much an idiot when it comes to anything other than play.

Got the patch open, thanks. Yeah, I don’t know Javascript at all, so looking at this patch isn’t helping me at all.

I just use Monome Notes, record the MIDI in a DAW, and playback from the DAW.

Probably not what you want, but it works for me.

Mesh is complicated. It’s not just a button-press recorder, but a somewhat generic OSC recorder. Thus it can record arcs or grids or other things. Furthermore, in order to work with any application, it has to funnel that recorded data back into the correct osc port that it’s spliced into. Mesh is also 63 recorders that can record / play simultaneously (overkill for most applications).

If you’re only after a single recorder, I’d start with the mesh~.maxpat file. This is the bit that actually does the recording & it’s already nicely abstracted for you. Send one of the defined messages to control it (record, start, end, clear). Anything you send it other than these magic words will be recorded if you’ve sent it a ‘record’ message and not yet an ‘end’ message.

I think I did some fancy things with ‘arming’ the recorders in the js script, but I’ll leave that to your particular application.

// to note:
This was one of the first pieces of JS i wrote. Not saying that’ll make it easy to understand, but if you’re looking for a beginner level intro into into real-world javascript, it’s a good candidate! Also when I started out I wrote a comment for almost every line of code!


Thanks, seq~ object seems like a much better solution that what I was doing

Here’s a much more simplified recorder for anyone looking for a more basic starting point.


Equally, here’s a simplified version that lets you control it with messages (inspired by mesh when I first saw it).

Tears of joy will be shed upon seeing the help/reference file for the mtr object.

It will record numbers or lists and play them back in time. So you can run the grid key info into it and then send it out again on playback.

The pattern recorder in TPV is based around mtr. A bit funky that, but it works.