Monome leather sleeve template

I made a leather sleeve for my 128 awhile back thought I’d share the template for anyone that would like to do the same. I ended up not adding the strap spec’ed in the template to secure the closure flap, choosing instead just tuck the flap into the opening itself.


Nice work, I especially like the external seams.

The monome combines visually very well with organic materials, despite its mathematical perfection. For instance, I have some antlers I picked up during walks when I had a house in the hills south of Modena and it sits beside them very comfortably. It very much goes against the frenetic design of most modern equipment, like midi boxes with loads of knobs with graduated scales.

I used to make kites for a living, so my immediate instinct would have been to use tabs instead of separate panels for the sides, to reduce the amount of stitching, but in this case i think you made a good visual design decision. The rough stitching and the texture of the leather enhance the clean lines of the monome very well, and vice versa.

Appreciate it, @strettara. I’d be interested in seeing how everyone else protects their momone. I’m sure there are some inspiring designs…

actually, i’m in need of something to hold my monome as well. pushing a 64 at the moment with hopes of upgrading in the near future.

be well.