Monome letter

2020 was a sparse year for the monome newsletter— i intend to make it quarterly going forward. copying it here in case anyone would like to subscribe. i won’t be posting future letters here— they’re something special for your email inbox (or rss reader).

feeling the winter today.

there is light in the distance. this is a metaphor, sure, but also just a good old fashioned fact. we’ve been watching this view for over a decade now, the seedling sycamores we planted at the brook’s edge are now twice my height. when their leaves fell, their smell teleported me 2,800 miles and elsewhere in time. i miss our friends. i hope this message finds you well.

here are some other things you may be interested in, it’s impossible to know:

norns — community creations continue to tumble forth: cheat codes landed a massive version two by the tireless @dan_derks. @ngwese shared long-awaited generative arpeggiator tambla. we now have a pico-8 wrapper thanks to @eigen. prolific contributor @infinitedigits gets interviewed for the first particle castle bubble party. there’s now an active norns discord study group. and a new tracker by northern information (w/ @tyleretters) recently got a full review.

shield — the new edition turns a regular raspberry pi into a norns without soldering, shortening the path to soundmaking and scripting new instruments. the fully-built kit is sturdy, with an enclosure designed by new lines member @jhc. shipping starts december 1.

letter — we’re moving to a new, smaller platform. if you’d like to continue receiving these letters, please resubscribe. there’s also an rss link. or if you’d like to see the story unfold in realtime head over to

there is light in the distance.



my shield should be here on saturday!
as a long time shnth programmer I am super excited for the norns