Monome Master Clock

I’m trying to figure out a system to synchronize my various Monome sequencer modules using a master clock module.
I’m afraid it isn’t quite as simple as one might have hoped.

I have a Teletype, but I don’t think it is the solution -

Kria can receive clock period from TT, but not clock advance, like Orca. It can be clocked extrernally (clock in). For my one and only installation using Kria I had to create an empty (no triggers) pattern to act as stop/mute.

Earthsea can be clocked from TT. It cannot be clocked externally.

Orca (WW) can be clocked externally and can be clocked from TT (but needs dummy cable to disable internal clock).

Meadowphysics (v2) can be clocked externally but not from TT. TT can stop the 8 trigger outs, but not the clock out…

Nevertheless, it seems Meadowphysics is still the best choice for master clock, even if it’s a choice of lesser evil.

One thing to note, is that the clock ins and clock outs of MP and Kria and Orca (WW) appear to be something like 1/128, maybe 1/256, meaning clocking them externally with non-Monome modules is problematic as the clock signal needs to be a higher frequency than most clock modules will output… so it seems to make sense to have a Monome module as master, maybe with a 3rd party divider / multiplier inserted between source and destinations…

If I could turn the MP clock out on and off somehow or other, I think I’d be fine, but I can’t, so on to the next problem.

I can mute the clock output of MP before it is sent to the various other modules and that might be OK some of the time but other times I might open the mute when the gate is already high and I might get a 1/2 beat to start my sequence. I don’t want that. I want a clean synchronized start.

So I’m looking at logic and flip flop solutions. I’m pretty sure I can do this with a clocked flipflop output AND logic’d to the clock itself so that the clock would only start when it was only transitioning from low to high… but this seems a little excessive. I will do it, if I need to… but maybe there are other solutions that i have not thought of?

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Thanks. How do you stop a sequence?

Thanks. For some reason I’d got it in my head that the fastest individual out of MP (half the speed of the clock out) was going to be too slow to clock Kria and Orca, etc and also be able to create very fast sequences, but it can get pretty fast… fast enough for now, anyhow. So Meadowphysics is now my master clock and TT commands stop and start the various outputs. This combined with a few Noise Engineering modules which can be easily manually adjusted should make for a decent system.

I use an external trigger signal coming from the YOCTO or from the Circlon going into MP and dial in a fast division with the panel knob, then multiply from there as needed to the other modules via a few MP channels.

To get a clean start I set Kria to its last step with KR.POS 0 0 16 before starting everything.

Thanks. Good call. I’ll experiment with various similar tactics.