Monome meetup Copenhagen (4th of August 2015)


The event will be the 4th of august.

There will be presentations and talks of different patching/programming techniques, performances, brewerages and food. If you come from afar, we will help you find a couch.

We’re preparing the program atm, and a facebook event will pop up soon. There are a few slots open for performances, presentations, so please let us know now if you’d like to present something.


Hi Soren, I visited Copenhagen last year and will be there this summer, I was thinking of moving there at some point from London, it’s good to know that there’s a group into this kind of stuff. Good to meet you. HN

i’d be super interested in this if its later in the summer and not at the end of this month… i’ll be in iceland with brian then, but could come later in july or august??

@HateNames that sounds good, we’re thinking about doing it somewhere around 22-25 of june. would you be in town then? :slight_smile:

@instantjuggler good to know! I think we’ll host a small event in late june and then something bigger, over 2-3 days, with a wider program sometime late august/september.


So the event will be the 4th of August! Anyone care to join/perform/talk from here? I will keep you posted in this thread with more information soon.


I’m in Søren, it’s in my calendar now!

Hi Søren! I’ll be there ! looking forward to it!

Good to hear! what about you guys @HateNames and @instantjuggler ? :slight_smile:

i’m in finland on august 4, but am free that day, going to check flights now and see what’s up!!!

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FB event up:

this is today! in a couple hours in fact! if you are in copenhagen get over to the event!

i’ve been enlisted for a trans-atlantic skype chat at 2pm EST. it will be an unscripted hangout in the workshop, so i can show/discuss whatever people want. or just do some farm touring-- the garlic harvest was bonkers huge.


Thank you for tuning in Brian!

Yann Coppier is going to perform in a minute, and we’re live streaming it here if anyone’s interested:


Thanks for organizing this Søren! For everybody else, if you want to see the short performance I made with the Aleph, the waves module, a 128 grid and a reverb only you can go there: Some explanations follow, but as it’s all recorded with a Macbook pro you might not see much of what is happening. Here I actually used one or two modified operators, but that’s another story.