Monome + modular + m4l

Hello all,

a quick question or new topic regarding how to use your monome with modular synth through max for live.
I have tried different solutions and it is relatively easy to make it work but I am struggling a bit to get the calibration right.

BEAP calibrated CV 1v/oct module needs to be modified to work with max for live…doable but I am having strange results for tracking while it waorks great if used in max only.

What is your workflow?


I use Expert Sleepers ES-3 and their plugins. I found it so much easier. Especially with the calibration procedure, which allow to have polyphony in tune (which is impossible with analogue devices).


Mutable cvPal is tight

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thanks a lot…
I missed a CVpal last month on ebay…tehre are no more kits around…ES-3 looks sweet (altough i would go for the ES-4 as my adat ports are all taken)…
I get the point on the calibration @chapelierfou as, in fact, it is my main issue…expecilly when working with other machines locked to midi…a nightmare…and i have mainly digital sound sources in my set-up…imagine if I would have got analog osc…

Anyway, any more taker to share your experience? :slight_smile:

Apparently the new devices that go with reaktor blocks are worth it !

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