Monome modules and Doepfer Beauty Case

I want to put these module
with total power consumption of 254 mA +12V | 70 mA -12V
In a Doepfer Beauty Case with the following specs: higher output current (200 mA @ +/-12V and 50 mA @ +5V)

Is this going to work or am going to run out of juice?

Just based on the numbers it looks like you’re definitely going to run out of power. It’s always a good idea to have some headroom on your power supply, and 200mA +12 is already less than the required specs for those modules.

Too bad, I have been wanting to have my Monome modules all grouped in a single mini case :confused:

You could use something a little bit bigger, with more juice.
Something like this perhaps which definitely has enough power (no experience with this product - it came up in a Google search) -

according to brian, if you use switch or ext5v before ansible, it should use “substantially less than 100 ma”. but that would require some discipline to not accidently connect it directly (e.g. an arc).

i have the same problem with my monome skiff when the expanders arrive. I may power one of the modules from the main case, which is a dirty solution but might work for me.

edit: one thing your neglecting: the trilogy modules need 5v. you can add that to the minicase with something like mutable volts, but that too draws more or less half of the 5v amount from the 12v rails, so that amount is missing in the modulargrid calculus (I’d always make the math yourself anyway, MG isn’t always accurate and it’s a delicate matter).


ugh rigth you are, Sir! Good call on the 5v aspect!

Thanks Sandy.That case would work but I have my personal reasons for not supporting Synthrotek.