Monome Norns send MIDI through iRig2 to Buchla Music Easel (BEMI)

Hi, I have been trying to send MIDI from Monome Norns using the Loom app.
I’m using the IK Multimedia iRig 2 out into a Buchla Music Easel (BEMI version).
I have connected the iRig 2 to the Monome Norns and it works with other synths.

The Buchla Music Easel is not receiving any MIDI from Norns even though I see the iRIG 2 been triggered or the “lights flash”…
I then connected the iRig 2 into my computer and sent MIDI using Ableton into the Music Easel and it worked, the Music Easel received the MIDI and started playing.

Is there a way to play (receive MIDI) the Buchla Music Easel using Monome Norns App Loom sending MIDI using the iRig 2?
Or a way to configure it?
Would I need to do something extra for it to: send MIDI from Norns into Buchla Music Easel?

Thanks for your time.

You might want to check the buchla’s midi implementation to see what midi channel it receives on. Then check the settings of loom to see what channel it’s outputting on. The fact that you see the iRig lighting up is good, meaning it seems to be sending midi.

The other thing to consider is that loom is polyphonic, so it’s hard to say what’s going to happen with a monophonic synth like the easel.


Thanks a lot, I will try it!

It’s the 218 that converts MIDI for the 208 so make sure you have patched the 218 to the 208.

What is the marking on your 218? Is it 218e or 218s? Some of the early BEMI models need a firmware update of the 218.

Also, the Easel received MIDI on every channel - so a poly app will not work properly.

I don’t have an irig2 but have been through a lot of USB to MIDI converters. The only ones that work have decent options-couplers. The cheap ones don’t.

I use an Iconnect MIDI 2+ and have used it with Norns.

Hi thanks for everyones input.
The 218 is a 218e, the iRig 2 works well when I’m using it with Ableton sending MIDI into the Easel.
I have tried also different MIDI channels but still didn’t work…
Will try more things, could it work with a monophonic sequencer in Norns?
I will try this too.
Thanks a lot!

Yeah - try it with Awake.

Do try other MIDI cables too. Some may work with some devices and not others.

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