Monome not showing up on Max dropdown(s)

Hey guys,

I’ve done a fair bit of digging around trying to figure this out, but I’ve hit a brick wall… The dropdown to choose a connected grid shows no results (in SUM, for example).

Model: 2015 128 grid
Machine: Macbook pro (current gen) running El Capitan v10.11.6
I have serialosc installed and I can see serialoscd and serialoscd-detector in the activity monitor.

One thing I have noticed, serialosc is not installed in /usr/bin etc, which is what people seem to be describing on here quite a lot.

Any help you guys can throw my way would be much appreciated!

All the best,


what’s your FTDI situation?

do you get a tty.usbserial-m??? when typing

ls -lrt /dev

in terminal?

Hey thanks for such a quick response! I have just checked that and that isn’t coming up, just other devices (e.g. tty.Bluetooth-Incoming-Port).

My OS is 10.11 so I didn’t install the FTDI driver at first, but then I went ahead and did it anyway because I am a wild man.

Have I massively fucked it up?


So something interesting I just noticed - if the monome is plugged in when the machine boots, that does indeed show the monome in the list. Also, it is selectable in SUM, but it won’t actually create any notes… I tried it on my PC and it all works brilliantly, but my mac is my dev machine so I’m really keen to figure this out…

Thanks again lad,


Also there is another device listed: “cu.usbserial-m1000346” - i am not sure if this is relevant…

try this: Grid 128 fail to appear (but is visible in hardware listing)