Monome-processing error

I just got my first monomer!
I traded my Ableton Push for it. It’s a GS 64. I’m very happy with it so far!
First I tried the sum application just to test that everything was OK. I then run straight into processing (which I’m somewhat familiar with).
I immediately run into this error:

It’s pretty easy to solve; it’s just to comment/remove the
import oscP5.*;
statement to get it working with the latest Processing 3.
My question is, should I just fork the project and issue a pull request? The github repo only has one single contributor so I guess that this community works in some other way.
For me it’s much easier to ask first than just doing the actual forking, fixing stuff and potentially get ignored.

welcome! and thanks for finding a bug-- it must’ve developed in the newer version of processing?

this is an error in the tutorial code, right? not the library itself?

Yes. I realized that the bug was in the tutorial code and I was talking about the library repo.
Anyway, the library works very good and the tutorial was just the right thing for me to get started. I managed to do some kind of game of life simulation running with grids in just an hour or so.

I will create a pull request of the changes I made (and processing did some auto-migration changes too) tutorial code.

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