Monome-processing with new Arc

Doesn’t seem to work. I tried the example TestArc.pde and adjusted the connection string to "m1100101" but I get an error:

### [2016/10/2 14:7:46] INFO @ OscP5 is running. you ( are listening @ port 38566
### [2016/10/2 14:7:46] ERROR @ OscP5 ERROR. an error occured while forwarding an OscMessage
 to a method in your program. please check your code for any 
possible errors that might occur in the method where incoming
 OscMessages are parsed e.g. check for casting errors, possible
 nullpointers, array overflows ... .
method in charge : oscEvent  java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException

Any suggestions as to how to get this working?

@tehn any ideas? I would look into it myself but I’m not sure how to compile the module for Processing.

apologies for the delay. what is TestArc.pde? could you post it?

my suggestion would be to start with the pd Grid Studies and mod it for the arc OSC commands, which should be pretty straightforward.

That’s basically what it is.
TestArc.pde is one of the examples in the monome-processing repo:

It seems like the error is some kind of internal error in the library.

hey kisielk, sorry for the trouble. i wrote the monome processing library but haven’t tested or used it in awhile. i’ll dig in today and see if i can figure out what’s going on.

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ok, ran some tests, good news is it seems to work for me! now i have an older arc 4, not the new one, but hopefully the new one works as well.

some of the setup isn’t entirely as clear as it should be. here’s what i did:

  1. download from
  2. download oscP5 from
  3. unzip, find the Monome/library/Monome.jar file
  4. copy that file to ~/Documents/Processing/libraries/Monome/library/Monome.jar
  5. unzip, find the oscP5/library/oscP5.jar file
  6. copy that file to ~/Documents/Processing/libraries/oscP5/library/oscP5.jar

there’s also a slight bug in the example script ( :confused: sorry about that. it needs an:

import oscP5.*;

at the top of the file.

at that point it runs as expected on my machine. this is osx 10.11.6 and the latest version of processing 3 freshly downloaded from their site.

hope this gets you a little further, let me know if you run into anything else!

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That’s pretty much exactly what I’ve done. The library works fine with my grid, but it doesn’t work with the new arc… I get the error message which I’ve posted in the first post.

I can dig into it further myself, but I need instructions on how to build the library jar file properly…

that would be great if you could dig into it. to build the library you need ant and a JDK installed. latest version of ant from homebrew and latest JDK seems to work fine.

just go into the resources directory and type ‘ant’

i had to create a folder named ‘data’ at the top level to get the compilation to run. javadoc compilation fails but the library will build and install itself automatically.

ah, that makes the process easy. Seems to have compiled fine after I created data/. I will try and solve it this evening.

Alright, I’ve fixed the problem and sent you a pull request:

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wonderful, thanks. merged and created a new release for it.

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Excellent. Now time to start work on my arc-based audio/visual setup :thumbsup:

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