Monome production status october 2016

teletype - new batch in production, available november

arc - new parts arriving and new units should be available late next week

isms - new incarnation in the prototyping stage, original version sold out and effectively discontinued

WW/MP/ES - we are out of stock, though many retailers still have various quantities of each of these. i will very likely not produce more of these, so let me explain. it is difficult to maintain production of so many individual products-- especially those with narrower use cases. these modules are still useful and interesting despite crossover with ansible, as others have stated. i’m certain they will still be attainable with patience given the very nature of euro-modular (trading-churn.)

i have no plans to implement ES on ansible. some of you may be tired of this refrain, but our modules are open-source, so someone might make an ES-variant at some point.

(to say nothing of the newer projects i’m trying to make time for.)

thank you everyone for supporting the creation of these machines!


thanks for the update

i just traded to get ES (my first trilogy module!) and this news makes me even more geeked to know i’ll have one soon…it is quite singular

will ride the tide and grab an ansible or arc next



Again, thank you. I appreciate this detail very much.

Thanks, @tehn. Keep producing inspiring work. We all appreciate what you do.

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Thanks for the clarification. Makes me glad I have an ES. Do you have an idea when the Arcs might be out to the retailers?

Ok. TIme to seek for a second hand ES.


is it possible that the discontinued modules become complete open source ? SW and HW?

There’s still plenty of earthseas available from retailers, fyi.

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what’s in the new incarnation?

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ecstatic about isms!

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I’m not expecting any teasers but I’ll ask too anyway! Very excited for this.

On second thought, maybe we should just kick off a “what I wish the new isms looked like” thread so we can get our armchair designing and speculating in one place? Then @tehn and @Galapagoose can confirm, deny or in any event derive some pleasure or inspiration from our asks and wild stabs?

It includes a 1U “Speculative Synthesis” tile (New whimsical raps?)

In all seriousness, I imagine maybe more of a focus on the whole i2c thing since it’s now a huge focus. Maybe it will have an integrated i2c busboard. It’d be cool to have an i2c tile with 1/8" in/out like the Aleph, although I’m not sure if many people would use that!


i2c busboard seems likely and so tidy. I love this direction BTW. The euro bus idea is under-developed in general and for a more or less closed (or at least highly synergistic) ecosystem like this it seems like a natural fit. Now’s the time!


i really hope i2c monome protocol gets picked up by other makers. or for modules that have expanders new i2c expanders could be designed that would allow them to be connected to tt and co.

specifically, if somebody could do an expander for 4ms VCA matrix that would allow it to talk to i2c that would be absolutely amazing! it does have a header for such expansion already, i guess the difficult part would be the required 16 DACs… but one can still hope. imagine a 4x4 matrix mixer under grid or arc control or scriptable from a teletype.


I never got totally sold on the 4ms matrix, but I like the way you are imagining something like this being scriptable from TT!

I spoke with Chris from audio damage and he was mentioning his new sampler module and how he’s thinking of bus control. So the ecosystem is growing. Everyone designing new modules should reach out to tehn abut bus intergration. This could be huge.


Didn’t Make Noise attempt to make a more expansive use of the buss board cross-module communication? I think the first iterations of Ctrl-Sel were a move in that direction, which was ultimately scrapped and became the Tempi module?.. unless I am grossly confusing something here.
But I do remember a discussion of this that came up maybe a couple of years ago?

No, you’re right, that was totally happening but was replaced by the Tempi.

I think the use of the Euro power bus is a weird idea. It makes sense conceptually, but there are just too many discrepancies between manufacturers’ designs that I think most companies don’t want to touch it. The Ctrl-Sel was a great idea for an all Make Noise system, but could have been a disaster when combined with other bus modules. It’s worth noting that the Tempi still has a bus clock input ability, and the 4ms clockers can all communicate via bus clock.

An i2c bus is more intriguing, simply because each module would have specific addresses and messages to listen for. I think it splits the difference between the pros of a bus (these modules work great together, and I don’t have to connect six cables each time!) and the cons (I have to reconfigure my system to put these two modules on different buses so that they don’t interfere!). It’s also totally optional, and multiple i2c buses can exist in a system. The power bus is the power bus.


i think it’s one of the very few (or perhaps the only?) eurorack matrix mixer that is fully under CV control. the downside is - you need a lot of related modulation to fully take advantage of it.

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Perhaps the only non-DIY one.

And then there’s this beast: