Monome questions

I’m thinking about getting a Monome. I found them when I was looking for midi controllers. I have a modular synth and wanted to try controlling it via midi.

I’m a little fuzzy on use cases for the monome. Help me out give me some examples of how I might patch it into my synth and what other equipment would be required to use it. :space_invader:

Check out ansible, earthsea, meadowphysics, and white whale.

Monome is a sleek classy way to delve into probablistics, Algorithmic and generative composition and it integrates with Max, Ableton as well as the Eurorack modules and it has a whole shit ton of blinky :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the info. It’s hard to tell from the docs. If the monome grid can output midi. Seems like most of the examples have Grid controlling a computer.

I’d like to send midi from a Grid is that possible? Would you also need a laptop to make this work ?

Hardware MIDI with just a grid is not possible. I do not see how, without a computer.
That said, the Monome Modules will output CV, so i don’t really see the use of MIDI in a modular synth context.

If you don’t want to use a computer, then as mentioned, you’ll have to go down the specific module route. Have a look at the Ansible docs - in particular, the grid-specific sections on Kria and Meadowphysics.

Consider the grid as just an interface, and the combination of a grid and some software - even if that software is one of the modes of Ansible - an instrument.

(Even when plugged into a computer, a grid doesn’t send MIDI out of the box - it’s not a class compliant MIDI controller at all)

Thanks for the replies, that was very helpful information.

The apps for Grid, do they run on the Grid, or does it need to be attached to a computer?

The grid needs to be attached to a computer.

They either run on the computer, or on a Monome eurorack module (Ansible, or the older White Whale/Earthsea/Meadowphysics trilogy of modules). The grid acts as input/output device.

(The older trilogy modules are a single ‘application’, if you like; Ansible contains both Kria and a new version of Meadowphysics. Obviously a computer can run many things).

Grid and arc have no midi interface. They communicate with computer with OSC protocol.
To let your monome device drive your preferred virtual synth you need a monome application from monome site or you can create your own application, for example with max or collider.

If you want to use monome device with your modular synthesizer, best use is one of monome dedicated modules, most versatile is Ansible.
The old way to use monome with a modular synth is connecting monome device to a computer running an application to convert OSC messages in midi messages to your midi interface (parc, poligomè, press cafè, ecc), then to a midi module like Mutable Yarns, for example.

Thanks again that has really clarified things for me. I’ll have to do a little more research on Ansible and other modules.

I have a midi module already. My original idea had been to get more use out of this via an external controller.