Monome Research

Beginning some research into monome and other hardware interfaces for controlling sound… as you can see this “international journal” is not particularly helpful:

Can anyone suggest some interesting resources/databases (other than this wonderful forum!) or articles, dissertations, etc. monome related or more widely related to the development of custom musical control interfaces? Has there been much written in academic circles about monome or the various copycat devices that have appeared in recent years?

You’re probably better off looking at interface-related journals (NIME), though I haven’t specifically seen anything monome-related there. (then again I haven’t really looked)

On a less journal-front, I talk about monomer stuff in a couple of places of my PhD thesis, specifically the first chapter. Not so much about technical things, but more about the vertical/conceptual integration of software/hardware/tool/instrument design.

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Rodrigo - yes your PhD is the only thesis I have found that discusses monome! I was going to message you about it at some point in the future when I have a firmer understanding of what I’m trying to achieve. Thanks for the NIME link, looks promising!

You can also look up more musicological journal, coming it at it from a sociological approach. I wouldn’t know the names of any to point you towards.

You may also want to look up @randy’s NIME paper as well, as it’s in a similar quadrant to monome stuff, interface-wise.

And yeah, feel free to drop me an email to ask whatever. :slight_smile:

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@cts I recently finished a research project on performer-audience communication in electro-acoustic performance situations. Using the monome grid as a ‘translator’ is a key element in this research. You can find the thesis (which only represents a part of the research output) here. I’m uploading the videos of the accompanying performance and lecture-recital as soon as they’re finished.

For your research on interfaces this could be a good starting point. Over the past years I dug up some more interesting papers etc. on electronics performance and anything surrounding it. Send me a pm if you want more info …


Thanks yes this is fantastic! Will have a read and I’ll be in touch about those other papers. Cheers!

NIME is great. Every so often I enjoy getting lost in those proceedings.

Here’s a paper that talks specifically about monome:

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