Monome serie 128 walnut working with modular?

Hi everybody!

i can’t find the answer to this question…
i own a Serie 128 walnut (usb powered) and i’m wondering if it can control an eurorack (without the use of a computer)

do you know ?
thank you

You definitely can. It’s highly preferred of your 128 is a vari-bright model as the eurorack firmwares are leveraging that capability. But I guess, without testing this myself, that it’d be workable even without it

Will work with the older modules, but will be harder to use. Won’t work with Ansible according to this post:

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thanks myecholalia,
i’m not familiar with differences between monome, the varibright means - as its name supposed - there different levels of luminosity, right ? :slight_smile:
i think mine is not…

Yep, that’s it.
Note @GoneCaving’s comment on Ansible as well

yeah i’ve seen this… that’s a shame…

It might help to check the editions page to verify what version you have. I have a varibright walnut 128 and it works just fine with Ansible.

@GoneCaving - which older modules you think ?

thanks @rainlet - i’ve checked but it looks like my monome is the generation just before varibright :confused:

The original trilogy of White Whale, Earthsea & Meadowphysics I think work with non-varibright. I have no way of testing this, having only a 2013 edition 128 grid to hand.

thank you @GoneCaving