Monome Set up Instructions (longtime user)

I’m not a total noob to monome, I had one before serialosc was around. I just recently bought a new laptop after 1-2 years without one that was sufficiently powerful for music production. I have successfully completed the installation before.

The old set up instructions were comprehensive but I cant find them, so I may have missed a step or carried out a step incorrectly. Previously, there were screen shots and extensive instructions on how to go about this process.

The new set up instructions are pretty confusing. I’m not sure what has changed in the set up process, but from what i recall I use to only install:

  1. Serial OSC
  2. FTDI drivers ( windows set-up executable )
  3. Max 7 (32 bit), I know monome apps are optimized for 32-bit
  4. Bonjour Printing Services

This is would result in max 7 recognizing the monome.

I’m running Windows 10

Can anyone please give me advice on what I may be doing incorrectly, am installing the wrong driver? the wrong version of max?

Thank you!

Windows 10 users (myself included) are having issues. Here’s an official post about it: Windows 10 grid/arc problem 64 bit

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thank you very much!

kinda bummed, was looking forward to using my monomes so much :confused: