Monome + SevenUp: sound only once in sequencer


I have taken my Monome from under the dust and reinstalled everything I used in the past.

Every connects fine, the osc tests run fine and I have installed Ableton Live 9 and SevenUp (both 32 bit version).

I load SevenUpCore, connect to my monome, the 7 lights up, I add the drum rack and the SevenUpStepper before the rack.

When I press play, each sample is only fired once. When I stop the track and press play again, the samples are fired again.

Sometimes the little play button on the pads stays orange/yellow like it isn’t unpressed.

Does anyone know what can be causing this? Maybe it’s something simple in Ableton that I forgot to set.

i’d suggest checking out terms as i have no idea when 7up was last updated.

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Thanks, I’ll try that.

I liked 7up because the controls were very clear and I haven’t seen anything similar that is as simple as 7up.