Monome shipping updates

ongoing shipping updates posted here. note that we’re typically quite good at shipping by the dates we announce— but sometimes an issues come up related to one of our suppliers which holds up an assembly.

you’ll receive a tracking number when your order ships.

if you have an shipping situation that needs to be addressed please e-mail instead of posting here.

norns shipments begin today. first batch goes out later today. later orders may about a week to ship out.

backstory: our machine shop sent us aluminum enclosures that were not up to our quality standard. they had to switch aluminum stocks after the big rise in cost (thanks to tariffs and market manipulation during the ongoing china/america story) and the replacement stock ended up having issues. it’s been resolved at great expense.

i apologize for the delay and thanks for your patience.


Sorry for your trouble :frowning:


no worries, it’s all part of manufacturing. though these are interesting times we live in re: global trade.

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Thanks for the update and sorry you guys had to go through all of that. Very excited for next week and to be part of the monome customer family now. Hope I can contribute some interesting code things. :slight_smile:


Any update on the later orders? Don’t want to be that guy, but just curious and excited to Norn away

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batch shipped out on Monday. next batch slated for Friday or Monday depending on our shipment of metal enclosures. thanks for your patience!

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Perfect, thank you for the prompt response!!

arc shipping begins today.

we don’t have our full batch of PCBs yet (more show up this afternoon and Monday) so only a couple dozen are shipping today. big batch of Monday, then later orders will be shipped by next Friday at the latest.

thank you for your continued support!

two happy announcements about the new arcs:

  • total current draw with all LEDs on is 150ma. this is achieved by using a brighter LED (same as grid) with a lower refresh rate. these two factors mean we are unlikely to see any power-noise problems with eurorack/etc.
  • hot swapping while powered on (ie, SWITCH, 2->1) now works.

i’ll need some time to figure out if i can get decent brightness out of old arcs with a minimal hardware mod (swap some resistors) with the new firmware. once i work this out we can talk about reconditioning/updating old arcs.


:pray: Please be in the first batch. :pray:

Is this something that can be fixed on the older Arcs?

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Yeah seriously. 20 chars of anticipation :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:

Just got shipping info for an Arc order #3026 if that helps anyone trying to guess where they are in line.


#3037 shipping today Monday. :smiley:

3070 shipped! Yay! The wait is going to be difficult…

#3100 shipped. Seems to be a right of passage to post these here. My Monone cherry has burst, I shall await delivery.

On that note my daughter was born the day I ordered my norns.


3010 & 3094 shipped here. Arc, Grid and Norns!!!


got 2 ansibles? thats harder wait :smiley:

update: next shipping is Thursday. there’s an unfortunately strong likelihood that it will be impossible (due to assembly time) to ship all of the orders before i head to LAC on friday. in which case any late remaining orders will ship the following Thursday.

thank you all for your patience.


Dang. 3060 didn’t get any info :frowning: def need a second ansible anyway but at least Norns can use it for now :slight_smile:

No… no ansibles yet… On a busy waiting loop for that. Buts thats ok. One (or two) things at a time… :wink:

Looking forward to add Arc and Grid to my Norns :slight_smile:

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