Monome stock/shipping update may 2020

hello! haven’t done an update for some time because, well, we’ve been fully stocked and shipping regularly. some updates:

  • we now ship on TUESDAYS. just once a week.
  • all international shipments are now via DHL, and you pay actual shipping.
  • norns shield kits (and pcb) will be back in stock may 13-14.
  • grids are sold out for the moment, but we’ll have a new batch mid june.
  • we’re still not doing preorders, but don’t worry, we won’t sell out.
  • crow stock is running very low. we’ve reordered but they likely won’t be ready until late june. @Galapagoose has a handful for direct sales bundled with other mannequins modules.

the pandemic has made shipping a major nightmare. i’ll spare you the details— while some people may find the story insightful, i realized it is basically impossible for me to write about without too much spicy language. :slight_smile:

thank you everyone for your continued support and patience. you all make it possible to keep these ecosystems evolving. :star:


Thank you @tehn!

Having gone to the UPS store yesterday, I can only imagine what a normal shipping operation is like right now for businesses :dizzy_face:. I appreciated (and was surprised by) the quick shipping of my crow recently, it was much faster than I expected during these times. I’m glad things are being shifted for well being and sanity – I for one fully support this approach in place of a module a few days sooner!

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As a curious European, what does this mean?

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probably means that they’ve charged less than their actual shipping costs in the past (you paid a flat rate…they ate the difference)

i could be wrong though

Will the next batch of crow modules have a different mounting hole spacing for those who have cases that were slightly tight?

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yes that will be fixed

previously international shipping was flat rate with various tiers, but frequently shipping was over or under charged. so now instead, you basically pay exactly the amount. the excellent news is that DHL is insanely cheap for how nice of a service it is: a shipment from here to the UK arrived in 2 days, for example, for less than $40. it has something to do with Shopify (which we use for ecommerce) getting a big bundle deal or something.


Does the existing crow fit in a palette case alright?

fits great in my palette, as long as you don’t put it at one of the edges (where I think it will bump up against one the bolts).


Where could we find out more about this? Been interested in getting Crow + either Mangrove or Three Sisters :eyes:

I have a crow in each of my palettes :slight_smile:

@Justmat @crim awesome, thanks! Hopefully I snuck one in for this week’s shipping :hugs:

Might be time to get an Arc before the dark ages truly begin :blush:

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dm @Galapagoose directly for info

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I just wanted to publicly thank Brian for being so kind as to re-send a shipment which has dissapeared into USPS purgatory.

Yet another thing to add to the list of reasons why monome is the best!


I must have managed to snag one of the last grids!

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Bam. Ordered m’self an Arc now. It’ll be a present for myself as my birthday is coming up. In a few months. Or so.


With previous orders, the package had first been shipped by USPS, until it arrives in Germany, where DHL would take over. I never knew exactly when this handover would happen, and how long it would take: So one day I’d have to check the tracking number in USPS’s system, and from some day onward I had to check in DHL’s system.

To make things even more interesting: The USPS-DHL switch happened at the very same time the package had to go thru German Customs, which meant the parcel could be stuck in bureaucratic limbo for days. During this time, neither USPS nor DHL could or would tell me why my parcel does not move: USPS said “it might already have been handed over to DHL, or it is stuck with Customs”, DHL said “it might not have been handed over to us from USPS, or it is stuck with Customs”.

Long story short: it always took so long that I feared either USPS, Customs or DHL had lost the package.

Now things have changed: I’ve ordered an Ansible last week. On Tuesday this week I got the shipment notice. Today (!) the shipment had already passed German Customs and is already in my home town. Wow!

@tehn: Thanks so much for this change!

EDIT: It just arrived at my door – amazing!


Obsessively refreshing the market until shield kits/PCB restock :robot:

they’ve arrived. need to solder one up to test. tomorrow i’ll open orders at 11am EST


i can confirm. I was annoyed at first that I couldn’t have it on the far edge but, there are much bigger problems in the world. This has only to do with the bolts in the paleute case btw

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