Monome stock updates


ongoing updates will go here, for less confusion. realtime stock is here:

feb 17 2017 - very small quantity of grids added. ansible still 6 weeks off.


excited to get ahold of Ansible soon :slight_smile:


Any idea when Ansible will be back in stock at Escape From Noise, @tehn?


Bump for stock enquiry.


ansible in 2-3 weeks. contact your retailer if you want them to order.

grids just sold out. it’s going to be about 2 months until new stock.

still have some tt.


I just got my TT. Will almost certainly order direct as I’m in the UK. Interested in a Grids + Ansible package, so I will wait. Thanks.


thanks for the update on grids. Is this the same for arcs?


arcs end of the year earliest.


ansibles are back. available now direct, headed to retailers soon.


are walks coming back in stock in the near future?


no walk scheduled yet. can someone start a thread with walk alternatives? ie A-177-2

Alternatives to Walk

Hey, I ordered a Grid from an online retailer over Easter and just got word from them today. They said “In regards to the Grid 128 Controller on your order, that item is currently on backorder and Monome just informed us there’s no scheduled restock date.”

I was just curious if there really is “no scheduled restock date” or if the 2 month estimate from before was still correct. Unfortunately everyone is out of stock right now, so I’m not really sure how much it matters.

Thanks in advance.


that retailer was taking preorders without a confirmed ship date. if they’re offering a refund, i suggest you take it. i’ll continue to post updates as i get them from my component manufacturers-- i do expect to have grids soon, but it’s taking longer (as seems to always happen)


Thanks for the update. They did offer a refund, but everyone is out of stock right now anyway so I was thinking about just letting it stand. Unless you’re telling me that you don’t think they’ll be getting any of the next batch.


Someone pointed me at another site that had them in stock. Just ordered one. Problem solved. :+1:


@jakecarter any chance you can share the other retailer that has them in stock? I may be in a similar situation, although I haven’t received an email just yet.


Oh, yeah. I ended up ordering one from Analog Haven. They still claim to have them in stock.


Thank you! I also just checked and was in the same boat with my last deal falling through. Fingers crossed I can grab one before they sell out!

Edit: arriving Friday!


They did when i ordered. Received today! GRID is a tank!


Nice! Mine should be here on Friday. Super excited.