Monome stock updates

yes it’ll be a busy day tomorrow


any update on ansible stock? got ahold of a grid in a trade, excited to plug it into stuff :slight_smile: happy holidaze

Early December Brian told me that it will take at least three more months, which would mean: not before March – or even April. Perhaps Brian can give us an update? I’d also like to know: Will the hardware of the next batch be changed/updated in any way?

Analog Haven have stock. I just ordered one!

hush! its our secret stash! :smiley:

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ansible features will not change, but the PCB is changing because we’ll be using a different jack and move everything over to 0402 size components.

march 2019 is realistic.

arc on track for feb.

crow coming!


:fire: Excited for this :fire:


Does that possibly mean it will have less depth in size?

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Some exciting things happening super excited! Just curious no actual difference in the 2019 ansible you speak of correct? Just making sure I shouldn’t hold out for some reason?


tiny bump for some b-stock grids:


Random question but when do you typically ship orders? I purchased a grid a couple of days ago…:raised_hands:t2:

currently monday/thursday! and some fridays.

…patiently waits for a new Arc :sunglasses:


Bring on February!!!

Hi! The newsletter says «new edition of arc», does that mean just a new batch of units or some updated version of the current?

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@tehn mentioned months ago that re-engineering was needed to keep production of Arcs feasible iirc. So, I think a new edition (which might be fairly similar to the last one, given that grids haven’t changed visually)


Thanks @alanza : - ) I’ve been contemplating wether I should wait for the new batch or try to pick up a used one in the meantime. Arc + Norns looks fun!!

new batch will be functionally identical.

the LED color will match the newest grids, however. late 2018 grids we had to switch LEDs. the difference should be subtle, but it’s there.


Is there a more concrete timeline for Arc? Sorry if it was in the newsletter, I somehow wasn’t subscribed until after the most recent one was sent.

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