Monome stock updates

Is the pre-order done one the monome site Teletype page?

yes. on the homepage.

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we have a small quantity of grids available now.

teletype pre-orders start tomorrow at 1pm EST. shipping dec 3 latest (likely earlier)


Arcs still likely a ways off, right?

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I’m excited :blush: for teletype. Any bundling options?
Will walk ever step into our lives again? lol

I can just wait for 1PM.

1pm is here. It’s not updating. I know I’m impatient. Just want one X_X.

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it is live now. technical glitch!


Pre-ordered! Just some noob questions.
Does it come with a keyboard? and how about the i2c cables?
I have a Just friends and want to be ready when it comes to my door. :smiley:


keyboard: yes
usb a-a programming cable: yes
i2c cables: no. see the DIY i2c cables thread.

I was about to place an order for a grid (I’d like to replace my old 256 walnut) but it’s out of stock, the last one must have been purchased yesterday or something… :slight_smile: The page says “Coming soon” but is it a matter of days ? weeks ? Thanks :wink:

weeks. just waiting on a keypad delivery.

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Thanks ! I was too slow. I’ll watch the page regularly until they come back in stock :wink:

a couple b-stock available:

these are so nearly perfect, but i don’t want to disappoint anyone.


Great ! I think I’ll order one of these B-stock tomorrow :slight_smile: as long as they’re fully functional, I don’t mind a minor aesthetic issue

Everything looking good for teletype shipment tomorrow?

yes. Inquiring minds want to know. :smiley:

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yes it’ll be a busy day tomorrow


any update on ansible stock? got ahold of a grid in a trade, excited to plug it into stuff :slight_smile: happy holidaze

Early December Brian told me that it will take at least three more months, which would mean: not before March – or even April. Perhaps Brian can give us an update? I’d also like to know: Will the hardware of the next batch be changed/updated in any way?