Monome stock updates


@tehn are there going to be any changes to the new grids?


no changes. identical to what’s seen on the page.


That’s good to know actually. I’ve been holding off on getting a Grid in case one of the New Things was a new model of Grid.


noticed that Ansible is sold out. any word on when more are due?


augh, will update stock. we have a lot.

sorry to say we are sold out of teletype suddenly.


Sorry to pester, but do you know when you will have grids back in stock (I’m hopkng to get Ansible and Grids in one go)?


no worries-- i should post ETA for grids more prominently. should have them within 3-4 weeks if the circuit assembler doesn’t mess up the party


Oh I got in just in time. I was fearing they would run out…


not a huge deal if not, but will there be more offworld stock in the near future?


Do you know when you’ll have new ones ?


I’d also be curious in picking one of these up! Otherwise I’ll just be building one up in the near future.


Thanks for the reply @tehn

I’ll keep a good lookout for when they come back in stock (don’t want to miss the boat on the next batch!) :eyes:


+1 on ordering an offworld to reduce some noise in my system.
@tehn, sorry if I missed it but can you comment on expected availability of these?
Thank you!


Just ordered one, which I’m super excited about, but…is the grid model that’s in stock at AH the newest one with the varibright pads? I assume so, but hoping to confirm!


mono-brights have never been sold to retailers. AH should have newish stock of the newest edition.


Like @tehn said, AH has the new edition. Each button seems to have 16 values of brightness. Here’s a little video of a Python script I wrote that shows off each brightness value. The room is pretty bright, so hard to see differences of the dimmest values. This is the one I got from AH. VERY happy with it.


Thanks a ton. Order…proceed!


grid parts have arrived and look good. shipping begins mid next week but please allow for the possibility of a few days wait.

some have asked to combine shipping with first batch norns. yes we can do that. for int’l orders i’ll refund your shipping once the order is placed.

edit: ordering at


Edit: I’m a 20 characters fool. Ordered now. Thank you!


Now to wait for September and December :sweat_smile: