Monome stock updates


@tehn do you know if you’ll have grids stocked around the time of the next batch of norns?


grids are lagging due to switching suppliers for circuits. hoping they’ll be ready within two months or so. i do have a few of b-stock still, will get them on the storefront:


Hi @tehn any news on the next version’s Teletype?


it’s about 8 weeks away, though i may have some stock built from old parts available very soon (next week)


Will the new version have differences with previous one?


is the time schedule the same for norns?


norns is still on track for first week of september, though last minute delays from manufacturers are common. i’ll keep the release date updated.

the “new” version of teletype isn’t really new. i had to revise the board because the screen went out of production and the new screen requires slightly different code. but the new version essentially looks the same. since i needed to revise the board, i added a second i2c port (for daisy chaining) and replaced the 5V power system with a higher capacity regulator (which could facilitate direct grid powering, but i’m assuming most people will want to power grids externally due to noise concerns).


Is grid production still on track for ≈1 month from now? Thanks.


grids should be ready in early october. delays on PCB assembly.


workshop cleaning, part sorting. was able to build a handful of teletypes, all new parts, available now.

next “proper” run of TT will likely be ready in late october.


Awesome! thanks for letting know Brian. Ordered and excited.


so great! appreciate the update. been studying teletype and was ready to wait until October…


Great to know it is available now, ordered!
Thanks Brian.


Are these intermediate builds updated to work with Grid w/o Offworld (or similar) and with extra bus connector?

…or did I dream this?!


teletype as-is (all units) will in fact work with grids, with caveats. if you light a ton of LEDs you may brownout your TT (making it reset).

even with the newer TT with more headroom there may still be a problem with ground loop noise, depending on your euro system in general. so the new version will not solve everything, i’m sorry to say.

it’s generally a good idea to power the grid separately, but again there is no danger in seeing if it works without.

the one case where someone’s grid “fried” their TT was a complete false alarm. on repair, there was a crack in a solder on the input power fuse.

edit: didn’t answer the question. these are new old stock, and they’re almost sold out.


Ah, OK. There was me panicking if I had a lapse in judgement, I’d fry a TT.

Thanks for the update.


Sorry if this is addressed elsewhere but what is the recommended method for powering Grid separately?


Check out the Offworld-1 in the store. :smiley:


And am I correct that no separate power is needed for Grid to work with Ansible or MaxForLive?


there is a number of solutions: ext5v (external power adapter, discontinued), monome switch, the aforementioned offworld, a modded usb extension cable. a couple of relevant threads:

correct, ansible/white whale/earthsea/meadowphysics will provide power (assuming your case is also sufficiently powered). same for when you use grid with a computer.