Monome stock updates


Any chance there will be another few b-stock 128’s available before October release?


we searched the workshop and cleaned out-- all are gone, sorry!


is January still the next ARCS? Will you folks make that with all that’s going on Norns N Stuff?
I am going to grab a push button but ultimately i want a Surgical Arcs 4


arc is set for 2019 vaguely, definitely not january. some mechanical redesign is needed to make them reasonable to manufacture.


i dont know why i thought January maybe i munged it from 2019
i will email you but certainly let me know if any stock or possibilities pop up
i never should have let mine go but i funded the Norns that way anyway
I’ll just slowly go insane as per my original plan :slight_smile:


This is the week of asking for ARC’s as I just wrote earlier in the week wondering if Brian might have a lead on one. :slight_smile:


I’d really like to buy a Teletype. I hope I can get one on the 10/10. Do they sell really fast when they are in stock, like the first batches of Norns?

How much costs the shipping for France? Can I use it with my walnut 256 grid (bus powered) or do I need to renew the grid?
Thank you.


I think Teletype sells out much slower. You can use the 256 but don’t try to power it via Teletype. Dunno about shipping.


Great ! Thank you. I hope I can get one from the next batch then. The problem regarding the grid is that I’ve already made the bus power conversion a few years ago, I hope I can revert the grid to its original state with DC barrel connection.


256 grid is definitely supported by teletype. the latest teletype revision will provide sufficient power for grids, you don’t need to power it externally (also, if you get an earlier revision you don’t have to mod your grid for external power, you can use one of the available solutions - offworld, ext5v, monome switch etc)


Oh, that’s a good news ! Thanks ! Yes unless I find a TT for sale before 10/10 I’ll grab one with the latest revision. Regarding the workflow etc, is it a problem that this 256 isn’t varibright ? Is the user experience different or it doesn’t matter? (I’m planning to use the TT with an Er301 and possibly a 16n faderbank when it’s released, not sure if I can plug multiple i2c devices yet)


Non varibright = less visual feedback.


it’s really up to how you program it, you can definitely use non varibright grids (visual feedback will of course be affected somewhat, but you could adjust your scripts for that). the grid control mode will adjust for non vb automatically.

you can connect multiple i2c devices so you could have both faderbank and er-301 connected at the same time.


Good to know, thank you. I’m gonna start reading the user manual then :wink:


any idea when the next batch of norns will be?


@n-So a little under a month! waiting for an update from our machine shop.


awesome thanks! is said batch a new one for future orders, or is it for those who already pre-ordered?


our goal is to not hold long-term pre-orders. the last batch that we released sold and all shipped in about 12 days.


grids are back in stock. available today. shipping early next week.


norns pre-orders open tomorrow at 10am EST. shipping begins 10/26.

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