Monome stock updates


@tehn, I know you’re focused on the current batch, but are you able to give a rough timeframe for the next shipment? And what’s the current forecast for increasing quantities in each batch? Is that still prettty far off?

I’d love to grab one now but this has been a super expensive year and my wife has nixed it for this batch.

Christmas maybe?


my goal is to have things be in stock. we’ll do our best to keep them coming!


That’s great to hear. Thanks


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@tehn per the monome website, is Teletype still slated to be in stock at the end of the week?


teletype pre-order pushed to next friday (16th) due to delays on first inspection parts.

i don’t like to set a pre-order until we have solid delivery dates. after pre-order i expect to start shipping within two weeks.

thanks for your patience!


Is the pre-order done one the monome site Teletype page?


yes. on the homepage.


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we have a small quantity of grids available now.

teletype pre-orders start tomorrow at 1pm EST. shipping dec 3 latest (likely earlier)


Arcs still likely a ways off, right?


I’m excited :blush: for teletype. Any bundling options?
Will walk ever step into our lives again? lol

I can just wait for 1PM.


1pm is here. It’s not updating. I know I’m impatient. Just want one X_X.


it is live now. technical glitch!


Pre-ordered! Just some noob questions.
Does it come with a keyboard? and how about the i2c cables?
I have a Just friends and want to be ready when it comes to my door. :smiley:



keyboard: yes
usb a-a programming cable: yes
i2c cables: no. see the DIY i2c cables thread.


I was about to place an order for a grid (I’d like to replace my old 256 walnut) but it’s out of stock, the last one must have been purchased yesterday or something… :slight_smile: The page says “Coming soon” but is it a matter of days ? weeks ? Thanks :wink:


weeks. just waiting on a keypad delivery.


Thanks ! I was too slow. I’ll watch the page regularly until they come back in stock :wink:


a couple b-stock available:

these are so nearly perfect, but i don’t want to disappoint anyone.