Monome stock updates


Thanks @alanza : - ) I’ve been contemplating wether I should wait for the new batch or try to pick up a used one in the meantime. Arc + Norns looks fun!!


new batch will be functionally identical.

the LED color will match the newest grids, however. late 2018 grids we had to switch LEDs. the difference should be subtle, but it’s there.

Monome grid/arc edition check

Is there a more concrete timeline for Arc? Sorry if it was in the newsletter, I somehow wasn’t subscribed until after the most recent one was sent.


the newsletter just said “February” afaik.


The website only says 2019 though; I don’t remember if it actually said February or not.

/me mashes F5 anyway


@tehn mentioned that Arc was “on track for Feb” in a December post on this thread. Whether that’s changed or not…


Bought a Teletype in January and inquired about when Ansible would be released again. He said about 3months, but first Arc and Crow. So hopefully by April all the monome devices will be available.


thank you everyone for your patience on the arc. it’s always been (and remains) one of the most complex mechanical designs we’ve created and there have been inevitable delays. but i’m awaiting the final part for inspection then we should be good to open orders in the last few days of february, for shipping within a week or two after that.

so, tentatively: arc ordering ~feb 28. ship within two weeks thereafter.


What about ansible? :heart_eyes:

#133 says mid 2019 for Ansible.


Will this be a one-off batch of arcs or are you aiming to continue production and keep them stocked similar to norns (if I read your post above correctly)? If it is a batch, are there plans for future runs?


we arranged for a large (for monome) run of arcs, and plan on keeping the parts in stock. though we have to physically build them, so there still may be some short lead times depending on demand.