Monome stock updates


i might be dumb but could anyone explain me when the norns will be available again? 10/16 (which is the date mentioned @ doesn’t make any sense to me


October 16th…? It does seem a lil funny to be so specific about such a far away date though. I’m stumped as well.


I think that’s the old date :grin:


It looks fixed now :slight_smile:


Aaaand… arc orders are open:


Ordered :slight_smile:


not sure if this is the appropriate thread, but would it be possible to purchase a metal enclosure for a grid kits?


a metal enclosure that fits a grid kit does not exist (the USB port is mounted on the other side) which is part of the reason we ran grid kits-- we had leftover PCBs from the walnut editions. you could design your own, however!


I understand arc will be taking priority at the moment, but wondering about the status on grid? Had been meaning to pick one up last week, snoozed and now they all gone!


they’re in stock now. inventory mistake.


are them for sale as a kit?


the kits are all gone now


but not forgotten. :pray:


How about those ansibles? Mid-2019 seems a looong time away…

I’ve just ordered a Grids and Arcs and will connect those to my Norns - but/and would also like some eurorack connectivity, as that is actually my main gig at the moment. So I’m looking longingly at those ansibles…

(Are there any other good options, btw? Teletype? A midi-interface like FH-2? )


For Grid, you can seek out the old trilogy of euro modules - Meadowphysics, White Whale, and Earthsea. Those are available used. I think White Whale has an alt firmware called Orca that will also work with Arc. The only thing to be mindful of is that the older trilogy modules have a +5v power requirement that some cases don’t provide. There’s also a chance you’d find a used Ansible between now and mid 2019 which should be a few months away at this point.

Teletype works with Grid using grid ops. Something like FH-2 will not work as Grid and Arc are not midi devices.


this guide lists which firmwares/modules grid and arc can be used with: A user's guide to monome eurorack firmwares


Thank you both!

(I was thinking about using Norns as a bridge, sending midi out to FH2, btw :slight_smile: )


I’m in the same boat.

I luckily just found a White Whale on ebay and in the meantime I’ve just been using the grid Max apps and sending midi from there to my modular.


Personally I think norns and fh-2 is a much more compelling option, buuut Patchcable in Australia has Ansible stock:


I just ordered grid + arc and would be really interested in the pros and cons of 2 Ansibles versus norns + fh-2.

I read that norns 2.0 adds arc support. Would it be possible in future that one norns script makes use of grid and arc simultaneously?

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