gui lag issue

Looking for some help troubleshooting an issue I’m experiencing with I’m getting a gui lag, both on-screen and on the grid. For example, the falling notes in flin fall at inconsistent rates, and the playhead in step runs across the grid with random acceleration and deceleration. The notes play back properly, it’s just the visual display that is out of sync. There’s also a delay when switching apps with smallbatch. If I switch from flin to step, for example, the grid display reverts back to flin before switching to step when I release the column in smallbatch. This happens when selecting apps in smallbatch by clicking on-screen, as well.

The gui delays are not present in the max version (with that version, loops won’t load in mlr, but perhaps that can be fixed?), or in the terms m4l versions. Has anyone else experienced these issues? Any advice is greatly appreciated. I really want this to work!

I’m on a 2015 retina macbook, 10.10.5

Okay, I tried all previous version of the standalone in my macbook with the same result. Today I downloaded version 1.1 for windows on my work computer, and there is no sluggish gui response whatsoever when clicking on apps or presets onscreen. So perhaps the problem is with my macbook, rather than the standalone app? Has anyone else experienced the type of issues I’m describing, or does anyone have any suggestions about ways to troubleshoot the problem on my mac? I’m at a loss for troubleshooting ideas…

Hi @hypnosapien

I’m also on 10.10.5, running (I believe) the latest version of sum and I can see the lag you’re referring to, in both flin and step.

I’ve only tried running it for a few minutes, so can’t guarantee that this resolves the issue entirely, but if I open the app in 64-bit, Low Resolution mode the lag seems to be gone.

Let me know if that helps, or if you’re unsure how to change the settings.

@chrisharrisx - Thanks for the response! I am somewhat relieved to know that it isn’t just my machine. I’ll try out your suggestion when I get home this evening and report back. Thanks!

Yes, yes, yes! It was low resolution mode that did it. Thank you, @chrisharrisx!

Great! Happy to hear that it’s working for you.