Monome sum does not detect my grid


I have tried several times to instal and reinstal my grid 128 which I just got. I am on Windows 10, and even though windows detects the grid, the monome-sum does not.
I have indeed downloaded the last drivers, and basically all I want to do is to reduce the brightness of the grid so that it makes less noise working with my Whitewhale.
I can actually launch the serial osc manually, however it then runs with hoplugging disabled, and I am still not abble to enter the command to adjust the led’s brightness…


adjusting brightness is not stored in the hardware-- it’s a command that only affects the current session.

which edition grid do you have? have you seen this? 2015 grid noise fix

I have the very latest one, I think I am indeed concerned by this issue, I am going to email you thanks.