Monome Sum does not start


After installing the actual serialosc (hope it works…) I found a actual sum package (1.3a) too and downloaded it.
As I understood the instruction you only have to open the monome-sum.maxproj file, right? The funny thing is that this won’t open sum but the haken continuum editor. Apart from being different programs they are in totally different folders, too. :confused:

Things do not work out today. The old sum is working but the step sequencer readhead is walking through the line quite unsteady (only on the grid, sound is tight) which is distracting a bit. So I hoped updating it would help. Actually I did not find hint on which version I am running - it’s in my programs folder and looks like some stand alone software, opposed to the 1.3a version.

No monome sum or max 7 over here…but I guess you just have to right-click the “monme-sum.maxproj” and select “Open with -> Max 7”!?!

hope this helps…

btw…out of curiosity…I’m located in Cologne…are you living in “Leverkusen” or where does this nickname come from??

Wow, thanks a lot! Somehow the continuum editor was set up as the standard software for maxpatches. It works now and the new version of course runs much more smoothly as the older one I had.:grinning:

And Leverkusen, well…err…having been in to punk back in the eighties and nineteens I was somehow deeply impressed by this:

I have been to Leverkusen a few times and somehow liked the Ruhr district for being full of concrete, dirt and metal.

Cologne is a much nicer place to be though but I always lived in Hamburg.