Monome sum presets

Is there a way to change the presets in monome sum mlr files… I can drop mine in… But is there a way to permanently save my personal files in mlr section of monome sum?



I don’t believe I included this in the preset system (it requires a huge amount more backend work), and _sum was always intended as a more introductory tool.

If you’re focussed on the mlr style interaction, I’d start with the classic version:

I think this is very unfortunate.

I’ve been spending a lot of time lately with an earlier standalone version (can’t remember which one off the top of my head, but before multiple outputs were implemented, and before loading of mlr loops was broken). Sum is an extraordinary tool, not just an introductory app. Sum allows me to do things I can’t even do with terms in live, and far more easily. With all the modulation possibilities offered by beams, i think it is quite a comprehensive tool. I’ve been running a single mono out through a series of moogerfoogers, and the results please me very much. I just wish there was a sum version with multiple outputs in which mlr still worked for loading external loops, so I could route individual parts through separate effects chains (external or in live).

I would love to see sum updated to fix the file loading issue in mlr, and also allow midi mapping of parameters in the synth. Or, a second beams page that offers sliders to control various synth parameters. These features would make sum an even more versatile tool for both beginners and advanced users. There’s simply nothing else like it! I’ve even considered purchasing the full max crossgrade just to learn enough to add these features to sum myself (I have no experience with max currently). Sum is a composing and performance tool to which I would like to dedicate myself.

Regardless of the original intent of sum, and perhaps because of the way it has been “marketed,” it is too often overlooked as a simplistic starter tool. This it is not! Please don’t abandon sum!


And since I’m throwing all of this out there, I would also love to see access to the gomeizer (I know it’s in there!), and also an ability to determine the loop speed and direction for each row in mlr, even if it can only be saved as a global setting. For example, if I have a drum loop, in slot one, I would like to have it playback at normal speed in the first loop row, half speed in the next, and double speed in the last. Currently, it plays at normal speed but in reverse in the second loop row. I find that reversed drums don’t appeal to me.

These settings would not detract from sum’s ability to be used by monomer beginners, and would allow realization of a basic, yet flexible, all-in-one monome solution. It’s almost there anyway, so surely a few tweaks could be worked into the development schedule, right?

Moving my campaign here: Make sum great again!

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