Monome Sum v. 1.3a issue

Hey folks,

Im having a Monome Sum v. 1.3a issue. When I play the step sequencer… Im getting a horrible delay/echo… Ive tried different audio settings… and moving all sliders on apps
Unsure what is causing the issue? Any ideas or suggestions?



i seemed to have corrected the issue by moving the buffer size to 64!

never mind… it didn’t… soon as i started mlr with step sequencer… echo resumes… did some mashing… and app crashed…

post all of your system specs and ableton settings!

Also, posting a soundfile would be helpful in terms of exactly what might be causing the crazy sounds.

Mark’s system:

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trbleshoot1.aif (1.3 MB)

Here is a sound file…

thanks for the repost…

This actually sounds fine to me (fine meaning - as designed).

You might want to play with corners and move the puck around a bit though as that changes the filter resonance (which sounds very high in the soundfile). I believe resonance is maximum at the top of the display. If you find a setting you like, you can hold the brake (top-left) for a second and it will freeze at those settings.

The delay is linked to the space control in step, where the delay amount & decay time for the drum sounds are linked together. You’ll have to make the percussion sounds even shorter if you want to 100% eliminate the delay.


Thanks, Ill experiment with it some more!

Also, is there a way to link monome sum clock to ableton? Im just not sure how to do it?

Thanks for the reply!


Under ‘Preferences’ select ‘MIDI Clock’.

There’s more extensive instructions in the manual:

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