monome_sum with mark eats sequencer?

Can Mark Eats Sequencer be used with monome_sum’s smallbatch app switcher? If so, how would I set that up in smallbatch?

This seems to answer my question:

So, I’m looking at other step sequencers now…

Yes, smallbatch running Mark Eats Sequencer + re(mix)/mlr +some else app would be an almost perfect setup! Just curious, what other step seq you choose that works with smallbatch? (I know there are lots of sequencers, but not many with step velocity/duration note)

No Mark Eats Sequencer on Windows, is actually one of my biggest frustration (if not the biggest!) for not having a mac. So this would be perfect, but from what I gather, Mark Eats built the thing from the ground up to be a Mac app and it’s like building it again completely to rewrite the code for Windows and I guess it’s pretty much the same to imagine a M4L version or a monom_sum one. This is a pity really because I’ll probably never buy macbook and I’ve been longing for this sequencer for quite some time now. I’ll stick with Kolorit which is a great feature packed app, but not quite as fit with modern 128vari and not as immediate visually as mark eat’s take on the subject. But we can dream!

PS: if you want to reclassify this topic to list the great multi-OS sequencers for monome feel free, because I’m always looking for new options and I CAN’T possibly be the only one.

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I still haven’t really solved this problem myself. I kind of made peace with just using Mark Eats without any app switching capability. If Mark would add CC sequencing, I’m not sure I’d really need to be able to switch to other apps anyway.

I did start to write my own sequencer, but have ended up too busy to get very far.